Back Bay Tours was started sixteen years ago on the premise that nothing beats personalized service, experience, and attention to detail. Our goal is to make great vacation memories. Back Bay Tours was conceived after years of taking family and friends out on the bay. Whether it was a day of fishing, exploring or a sunset cruise, everyone would comment on what a wonderful time they had. I knew there were many people on vacation or new to the area that had never had the chance to experience the joys of being on the Bay. There were many reasons for this, like not knowing the area, or not having access to a boat, but mostly it was because other boat charters offered just fishing and did not provide the selection of tours that we provide. When you pick Back Bay Tours, you're not just getting the best thing you'll do on vacation, you're also getting over 35 years of knowledge and experience on Delaware's inland bays with 25 of those years as a licensed Captain. Some of my best childhood memories are exploring and fishing on the bays with my dad in a 12 foot boat with a 9.9 hp engine. The boats that we use for Back Bay Tours are a little bigger then back when I was a kid. The boats include a semi custom built 26 foot Privateer with twin outboards and a 25 foot Parker with a single outboard. They were selected specifically for the inland bays and had to meet my criteria for safety and comfort (wide beam for stability, dryness from spray, smooth ride) as well as over all performance on the water. Our captains are caring, attentive & professional. Discover the pleasure of being on the water and how your experience can be enhanced by having the right boat and a captain with the right attitude. We hope that if you're planning a vacation to coastal Delmarva, you'll include one of our trips on your to do list. Because there really is more to the resorts then just the beach and boardwalk.

Captain Tom

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